Mono Food Diet Perks

Following a mono food diet is a popular way of eating on a raw food diet in order to be fully satisfied, ease digestion, and intensify the taste of food.

On a mono diet only one type of food is enjoyed at each meal, but not all raw food meals have to consumed in this fashion. Most people will eat a mono raw food breakfast and/or lunch and have a mixed salad at dinner.

The idea is to give the body a wee break from the tiresome digestion required to break down many different foods at the same time. For me, this is just one of the many perks I have enjoyed from eating a mono food diet.

Enjoy the Orange for Being an Orange

The number one reason I love eating mono meals is because you can really taste and appreciate all the flavor a piece of fruit has to offer. A fruit salad is nice once in a while, but I often find the flavors get all mixed up and I can't truly enjoy any single one of them in its entirety. Refer to a

list of fruits and let your taste buds do the picking for your mono meal.

There is no meal I love more than an enormous bowl of oranges after my workout. Each one is bursting with flavor and every cell of my body seems to be rejuvenated by the time I finish. Mixing in something else takes away from this experience, which leads me to my next point...

Mono Diets Give You That Completely Satisfied Feeling

Mixing foods together often confuses the taste buds, and hence the brain, into thinking we need to keep eating, which ultimately leaves us unsatisfied. In nature we wouldn't typically mix tons of food together. You would stumble upon an apple or pear tree, and eat until full.

I once read of a brand of eating called instinctive eating where the person always picks one food they crave and eats it until they are satisfied. This is an extreme form of mono diets where every meal is done this way for the purpose of giving the body exactly what it needs.

It sounds good in theory, and I tired it for a day but hardly lasted even that long. I like mixing a big salad together, and besides, it seemed to me that the body would begin to grow low on certain nutrients at some point in time without enough variety.

Yet, I do understand that what the instinco dieters are after, and that is satiety. Eating a mono food diet grants one that "stop signal" that often becomes fuzzy when too many foods are combined. The reason is, if I eat only oranges for breakfast my body will tell me when it has had enough, but if I throw in some other fruits I will sometimes notice that my taste buds are overstimulated, and although I may have actually had enough food, I will continue eating anyway. Overeating, even on live raw food, is unhealthy.

Give Your Tummy a Breather

Each food digests at a different rate, raw or not. Although all fruit digests very quickly, there are even small difference between say, a banana and an apple, or even between an orange and a grapefruit.

Eating a portion of you meals in line with a mono food diet gives the body a big break when it comes to digestion because only one food has to be digested. Thus, the food is digested faster (since no other food is holding it up in the stomach) and with less energy.

If the body is using less energy for digestion, then this energy can be used elsewhere - like for taking a nice bike ride or doing a little much needed detoxification in some cases.

For this reason, eating mono meals has a lot of the same perks as juice or water fasting, get to eat. :) Eating only one type of fruit for a week is even a good way to lose some extra weight, and much more desirable than fasting.

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