Digestive Leukocytosis

Leukocytosis is a white blood cell count above normal that usually indicates illness, but a startling finding is that eating cooked food also produces this condition, and is yet another good reason to eat more raw foods.

Leukocytosis means there is an increase in the number of leukocytes (white blood cells) in the blood. This can be triggered by any number of things, such as fever, infection, inflammation, etc., and is most commonly found in physically ill persons with conditions such as cancer or viral and bacterial infections.

In fact, a persons white blood cell count is often a laboratory finding used in order to diagnosis disease. Conditions, such as those mentioned, warn the body that something is wrong and help is needed.

Why cooked food triggers digestive leukocytosis

Aside from viruses and bacteria causing a higher white count, there is another culprit: cooked food.

For a long time this condition was considered to be a normal occurrence after eating. Doctors and researchers thought this was a normal response during digestion.

However, some time later Dr. Paul Kouchakoff found that leukocytosis mysteriously did not occur when only raw foods were consumed.

The only inference we can gain from this discovery is that the body's immune system is activated after eating cooked food. But why does the body feel the need to defend itself from cooked food?

The answer is actually very logical. When we cook our food, we change it drastically. Not only are nutrients lost, but they are denatured on a chemical level and even deemed unrecognizable to the body in such a way that it actually responds as if the food were a foreign invader.

Your body fears for your safety and promptly sends white blood cells to your rescue.

Raw food, however, is in the form nature intended and is useable and recognizable to the body. It nourishes instead of causing distress and confusion. Cooked food not only looks like a threat to the body, but actually is a threat. It takes a great deal of time and energy to digest and gives off toxins and leaves waste behind in its wake.

This is even more reason that the white count in a person's body would be high due to eating cooked food.

Ways to avoid digestive leukocytosis

If you eat a raw foods diet then you have nothing to fear but even if you feel you can't possibly commit fully to a raw foods diet, there are many ways to easily replace cooked foods with raw ones to prevent leukocytosis symptoms without depriving your taste buds.

Dr. Kouchakoff himself even stated that eating 10% of your meal raw can prevent leucocytosis. Of course if you are eating 100% raw you are going to look and feel a whole lot better, but none the less, refer to this list to get more raw in your life.

1. Snack raw - instead of munching on cookies and chips snack on these tasty raw snacks.

- Fresh guacamole or salsa with veggies such as carrots, peppers, and celery
- Fruit Salads
- Raw food bars such as Raw Revolution
- Raw cakes, icecream, and pies
- Fruit smoothies

2. Buy raw cheese instead of pasteurized

Many specialty stores sell raw cheese that can safely consumed and tastes exactly the same as pasteurized cheese. The only difference is it is full of living enzymes and raw protein that has not been denatured.

3. Don't cook oil

Cook veggies and other foods in a little low-or-no sodium vegetable broth and then drizzle first cold pressed olive oil on afterwards. It tastes the same and you preserve the nutrients in the oil as well as preventing it from going rancid from high temperatures.

4. Don't cook it to death - preserve enzymes in your food by cooking on lower heat for less time. You can sear fish and poach eggs, and leave your veggies a little crunchy. Use this Ahi Tuna recipe

5. Use a spiralizer to make pasta out of zucchini instead of grains or make your own raw marinara sauce - use this recipe for southern-style spicy spaghetti

6. Make you own raw salad dressings instead of using store bought

7. Swap your bagel and cream cheese at breakfast for some fresh fruit

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