Health Through a Raw Food Diet

The purpose of this website is to assist you in the rejuvenation of your health through a raw food diet. Your mind and body may have once been acquainted with such health, but have perhaps given up on ever returning to this state. My objective is to show you that you can be free of disease and full of energy, you can have a sharp, clear mind, and you can feel incredible again. You can be the person that you truly are, and you can achieve this from a raw food diet alone. Such a way of eating will change your life, because you will finally experience what it means to live. An unknown author once said that in order to change, we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired.

What will you experience?

If you are simply looking to eat healthier and feel better, then this site will easily assist you in doing so. But, this is only the beginning of the benefits you will reap. Prepare to enjoy bountiful energy and a sharp clear mind. You will rid yourself of disease and even the common cold. Weight loss will be effortless, or if desired, weight gain can be achieved. Depression and mental illness will seem like a distant memory, happiness and peace are the natural states of the human mind.

What will you learn?

You will finally understand how your body works. You will understand what causes all disease and how to be cured. You will know why weight loss is so difficult through the typical diet of the average person. You will learn the science of a raw food diet and how what you put into your body impacts your health. How much fat should you really eat and how does the body use it? What kind of water should we be drinking? How much protein do we need? How does the acidity of our food contribute to disease? Once you can answer these questions and many more, you will possess the knowledge you need to control your own health. Hippocrates said, "If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool."

So where do you begin?

Our doctors and the medical community have grossly misinformed us in regards to our health, so there is a lot of new information to be learned. Don’t feel pressured to read everything at once. Begin by learning what a raw food diet is and how what you eat impacts your body and mind. Read enough so that you obtain new knowledge about your body and feel comfortable making small changes. Read the Diet Plan to learn the first steps you should take in your new diet. Feel free to email me with any questions that this site does not provide the answer to.

You do not have to commit to a 100% raw food diet to reap the benefits of these eating habits. Remember that health deteriorates from long term abuse, not slip-ups, so remember that an all or nothing attitude will set you up for failure. It is the larger picture that carries importance, both in life and health. Knowledge is power, and once you understand how your body works, and the mistakes you have made in how you view the health of it, you will be able to sift through the articles on this site and allow your body to run like the engine that it is and always has been.

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An updated list of articles for starting and maintaining a raw food diet, detoxification, weight loss, fitness, and recipes, and more.
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Eating Raw Food for Health And Much More
Understand why eating raw food is the best way to obtain health, energy and easy weight loss. Follow a raw food diet plan to allow the power of live raw food to let you feel like a kid again.
Starting a Raw Food Diet - Live Raw Food Beginners Guide
Starting a raw food diet does not have to be confusing if you begin a raw food diet the right way by educating yourself and following a good diet plan.
Raw Food Diet Secret
My long journey to discovering the secret of energy and happiness on a raw food diet
Raw Food Diet Plan - Starting a Raw Food Diet
Using a raw food diet plan is the best way to learn what raw foods to eat, how much, and when so that you can create your own raw food diet meal plans and experience all the benefits of raw food.
Raw Food Diet Menu - 30 Days of Raw Food Diet Meal Plans
What is on a raw food diet menu? For 30 days I will be logging every meal on my own raw food menu along with pictures and nutrition info so that everyone can see exactly what I eat day to day.
Delicious Raw Living Food Recipes
Choose from delicious raw living food recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner uand snacks, including poplar dishes like lettuce wraps, coconut recipes and raw chocolate.
Fruit Smoothie Recipes - Healthy Fruit Smoothies
Learning how to make fruit smoothie recipes is easy and the healthy fruit smoothies to choose from are endless.
Lettuce Wraps -Free Raw Food Recipes
Fill lettuce wraps with these raw food vegan recipes for guacamole, italian salsa, spicy corn slaw, and summer fruit salsa.
Alkaline Foods Healing Power - Raw Food Diet
Alkaline foods will reverse disease and aging, give you energy, and completely change they way you look and feel. Eating alkaline food is the perfect way to be in complete control of your health.
Raw Food Weight Loss -The Last Diet You Ever Try
Follow these tips for using raw food to rapidly burn fat without ever feeling hungry or having cravings again. Raw food weight loss keeps the pounds off for good!
Quick Weight Loss Tips To Lose Weight in a Week
If you have a history of difficulty losing weight these are the best quick weight loss tips out there to help you finally shed the pounds.
Drinking Water and Weight Loss
How can drinking water and weight loss possibly be linked you ask? Weight loss is much more than calories in, calories out and water plays a crucial role in metabolism and hunger.
Reasons For A Detox Cleanse And Why The Raw Food Detox Diet Is Best
What is a detox cleanse and how can we choose the best kind? There are many to pick from but the raw food detox diet is the safest and quickest way to shed pounds and gain incredible energy.
Detox Recipes To Use During a Detox Cleanse
These are my favorite detox recipes to make for a raw food detox diet, there is a mix of raw and cooked foods in many of these recipes so that detoxification is not too severe.
Become Vegetarian - Learn About The China Study
Many people become vegetarian for ethical reasons but there is a long list of astounding health benefits that result from becoming vegetarian. A common worry is vegan protein but sources are plentiful
Good Sources of Protein - Vegetarian Protein Sources
What are good sources of protein? In order to know what the best sources of protein are, you have to know what the foods with protein are and how to determine the quailty of these sources.
List of Raw Foods For Ideas To Make Raw Food Meals
Refer to a list of raw foods, a list of vegetables and a list of fruits to guide you when starting a raw food diet
Raw Food Meals To Build Muscle
Eating the right raw food meals will help you shed fat and build muscle, and these raw fod recipes can help get you started.
Raw Food Diet Recipes -Learn the Art of the Craft
Make the best raw food diet recipes including raw food recipes for lunch and dinner ideas, snacks, raw chocolate and others by learning how to cook without heat.
Vibram Five Fingers Shoes - An Athletes Answer
Vibram Five Fingers running shoes are the runners long awaited dream, alleviating knee, joint, and foot problems as well as back pain.
Yeast Infection Cures - Natural Remedy for Yeast Infection
After trying all kinds of yeast infection cures, there is only one yeast infection cure that addressed the cause of of my chronic yeast infection and I have never had another one since.
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